10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Do you want to captivate users? These are the means and techniques you should use to promote yourself and do online branding this year.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in 2021 can be summed up in a few words: mobile, big brands and Google updates. If we look back at the advances that shaped online marketing over the past year, we can get a glimpse of what it will be like in 2022. Therefore, we share the main topics and strategies that marketers should focus on in this new year.

1. Do not forget the “second screen”

As a second screen we refer to mobile. With more than 75 percent of the world’s population with access to a mobile device, today’s marketers can’t ignore the value this medium has to their brands and customers. Although last year it was enough to have an optimized website, by 2022 mobile applications will be the most important thing.

Therefore, you must ask yourself what value your brand can offer to a mobile user. Remember to go beyond providing easy navigation or a search engine. This kind of value should focus more on delivering new information, new formats, and new resources.

2. An evolution in how to analyze information

Last year was fundamental for analysts. We saw the rise of analytics packages and solutions that offer holistic monitoring, i.e. the process of assigning a specific value to a marketing action that results in a conversion. However, marketers have overrated this last click; in reality the issue goes far beyond conversions.

This new year we will see further evolution in creative ways to monitor how channels affect each other. And we anticipate that in 2022 analytics providers will continue to innovate in their offerings of how to analyze and evaluate information from online actions.

3. The rise of gamification

Applying gaming thinking to ‘serious’ apps to make them more fun and effective is a strategy that will continue to increase, but it is likely to peak in 2022. Big brands, new startups and any type of company that is in the middle will spend more money and resources on ‘gamifying’ their products and services this year.

4. Greater focus on inbound marketing

With the great growth that social media marketing has had, marketers must invest in adding a new kind of value. One of the strategies will be inbound marketing,which is based on brands 15 150 120 on creating content,conversations and resources to attract consumers without paying for traditional marketing means.

Your budgets throughout this year should include greater expenses in generating good content, attractive designs and analysis of this type of marketing.

5. Better visualizations of information

It is likely that in 2022 we will see a new approach in the visualization of information, which refers to us being able to see and understand complex data in simple formats that are worth sharing, such as infographics.

Last year we saw the value of information, but we must make it accessible to all.

6. More loyalty marketing

We know it’s more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Add to this the fact that consumers are, more than ever, connected to each other and willing to share their opinions about purchases and experiences.

That’s why marketers should look for creative ways to make customers feel appreciated and satisfied.

7. Brands as social influencers

Thanks to platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Fourquare we have seen that brands have built their own communities of followers, which has allowed them to legitimize their influence over consumers. In 2022 we will see that brands will continue to grow their communities and seek their own voice in social networks.

Marketers need to ask themselves: Where are we participating and what value are we offering? It is ideal for a brand to create an audience made up of engaged participants due to the good content it shares. If you don’t know where to start, go to the places where people are already talking about your brand and start there.

8. More analytics

As we see more marketing channels in the play, as well as an improved ability to understand how they influence people, we predict that marketers will look for new ways to prioritize their opportunities. Unlike traditional digital marketing analytics (measuring the performance of your website), marketing analysis is based on measuring and optimizing your marketing actions.

Businesses instead of investing in the channels in which they have always invested, this year will use tools that will help them make better decisions.

9. Design is king

Accompanied by the growing importance of inbound marketing and the trend of better visualizations of information also comes the rise of Web design. Attractive and well-executive design has never had greater demand and accessibility than it currently has.

To excel in 2022 you must strengthen your internal resources or hire a team that gives the design of your website a new twist that attracts the attention of users.

10. Local marketing becomes more popular

Local companies have never before had so many tools at hand to understand how to improve their web positioning, attract consumers and measure their success.

This new year will bring even better tools to achieve this, and that is why local marketing will achieve better results in 2022.

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