5 Apps that Every Student should have on their Mobile

Apps for Students

The return to classes is a challenge when it comes to organizing and complying with the established routines. Some applications can help in this task, simplifying the way you work as a team or share documents.

CamScanner, all of the Google universe, Splitwise, Evernote or Forest are some of the applications that students can have on their mobile to organize themselves in the most effective way possible.

The return to classes is a challenge when it comes to establishing schedules and routines,which must be met to achieve all the subjects satisfactorily.

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the method that helps organize notes, share them with other colleagues, make a clear and accurate list of pending tasks or concentrate enough time to execute them.

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Below, you’ll find a selection of 5 apps available for smartphones that can help you get your tasks done (or make it easier for you to try).

1. CamScanner

The idea of this platform is to convert a photo of any document into a PDF, both by capturing the image through the mobile camera and by entering a ready-made one.

The application has a multitude of tools that allow you to precisely select the edges of the folio, modify them, apply filters to make it look better or worse, add more pages to have several sheets in the same file…

This tool is especially useful to pass notes more professionally, although, if you do not pay for the premiumversion, it will include the filigree of the platform.

2. The Google universe

The recommendation, in this case, is not directed towards a specific application, but to the entire universe of tools offered by Google, with the focus on Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Meet or Google Calendar, in addition to the well-known Gmail.

On the one hand, Drive helps to share files and perform group work effectively, something that can be complemented with Meet to make video calls with colleagues, avoiding the need to meet in person.

On the other hand, Keep helps to have the notes taken with the mobile on any device you log in, so you will not lose them when changing smartphones. Calendar, meanwhile, helps to have controlled exams and deliveries,with notices so that you do not miss any.

3. Splitwise

Beyond those applications that help in the field of study, there are also others that are very useful in this era outside of it. This is the case of Splitwise.

This platform allows you to organize and divide the expenses between several people,something that will be very effective when going out for a drink, without having to do the calculations manually.

You just have to create a group, write down the money that each one has spent and the app is responsible for saying who owes how much to whom.

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4. Evernote

This application, available for iOS and Android, allows you to take notes from anywhere,search for information and share ideas.

In addition, it offers the option to notify of meetings, projects and pending tasks.

5. Forest

Forest is a very different tool from the previous ones whose main function is to get away from possible distractions in an original and simple way.

The idea of the application is to plant a seed, which will grow as you do not look at the mobile until it becomes a tree. However, every time you get distracted and unlock the phone, the plant will wither.

In this way, you can have an extra motivation when studying.

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