Roblox is Adding Generative AI to Its Online Game World

Do you know Roblox is Adding Generative AI to Its Online Game World? ROBLOX is testing a tool uses artificial intelligence to create code.

Roblox is Adding Generative AI to Its Online Game World

Do you know Roblox is Adding Generative AI to Its Online Game World? ROBLOX is testing a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create the code, accelerating the creation and modification of in-game objects. By using normal language rather than complicated code, the tool enables anyone playing Roblox to construct objects like buildings, terrain, and avatars, alter those objects’ appearance and behaviour and give them new interactive capabilities.

Daniel Sturman, CTO at Roblox, says, “Say I need a dazzling metal sword for an experience I’m building. “It ought to be fairly simple to make,”

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A new Roblox tool that creates the programming required to create items and change their appearance and behaviour was demonstrated by Sturman to WIRED. In the demo, changing the exterior of a sports car in the game required typing “red paint, reflective metal finish” or “purple foil, crushed pattern, reflective” into a chat box. It was also possible to add new game behaviours by typing “Make it float” and “Blink the headlines whenever the user pushes “B.”

A technology called generative AI has gained interest and investment over the past year by showing that algorithms can make ostensibly cohesive text and visually beautiful visuals when given a short text cue. The technique is used in the popular chatbot ChatGPT and is based on AI models that have been trained with a lot of data, such as text or photos collected from the internet. Similar methods for creating video and 3D material are being tested by certain AI researchers, but this work is still in its infancy.

Roblox is Adding Generative AI to Its Online Game World

Roblox is Adding Generative AI to Its Online Game World
Roblox is Adding Generative AI to Its Online Game World

One of the first real-world uses for generative AI was writing computer code, and Microsoft and Amazon currently have tools that can generate functional code. Yet Roblox’s release demonstrates how businesses might modify the ability to write code to produce their own generative AI goods targeted at users who might not be expert hackers.

Because so many of the games on the Roblox platform are created by individuals or small teams, Sturman believes the strategy has promise for the platform. From studios to 12-year-olds who had an amazing idea emerge out of a summer camp, “we have everything on our platform,” said Sturman.

Roblox claims the code-making AI it utilises relies on a combination of in-house technology and skills from outside sources, although it is not specifying where from. Presently, the business exclusively uses publicly available game content to train its AI. Roblox will take care, according to Sturman, to make sure that users won’t object to having their works used as input for generative AI algorithms.

In a partnership with OpenAI, which has modified a general-purpose language technology called GPT to power a code generator called Codex, Microsoft was the first to utilise the most recent version of AI for coding. Microsoft improved Codex’s coding capabilities by providing it with extra information from GitHub, a well-known software development repository, and making it accessible through its Visual Studio programming tool.

When a developer comments or the user begins typing, Visual Studio and other AI-enabled programming environments often write code in response. Replit, a business that creates a well-liked online programming tool, recently unveiled a chatbot-like user interface that can both write code and respond to inquiries about programming.

In addition to producing material, generative AI might alter gameplay. Microsoft presented a method for controlling characters in Minecraft in May 2022 by giving naturally formulated instructions to a code-writing AI that accessed the game’s API. This is similar to what Roblox is doing, but it uses AI code to alter gameplay as well as game creation.

According to Julian Togelius, an associate professor at New York University who studies AI and video games, “Generative AI will radically revolutionise game production, but it’s not going to happen tomorrow.” Togelius claims that Roblox is an excellent firm to test the technology because its users are creators and it’s still relatively new. Nonetheless, he asserts that increased AI use will ultimately need reevaluating game creation and game design.

Mark Riedl, a professor at Georgia Tech who focuses on both AI and games, claims that generative AI has the potential to make games behave badly in the same way that it may result in unanticipated and troublesome web search results. According to him, “game creators are typically quite cautious and seek guarantees concerning the quality of the player experience.

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Several creators of the Roblox game have already experimented with generative AI techniques. To try out new designs for in-game objects, developers at Supersocial, a business that creates Roblox games for lifestyle brands, have started using a programme called MidJourney. One of the latest art tools that use AI to produce graphics in response to text prompts is called MidJourney. Yonatan Raz-Fridman, CEO of Supersocial, argues that although it is still in its early stages, it offers opportunities for more creative building.

According to Raz-Fridman, he is enthusiastic about the code generation technique that Roblox is developing. Constructing in 3D is a remarkable accomplishment, according to Raz-Fridman. “That would be huge if generative AI could speed the pace of development.”

And he anticipates that in the future, using AI to create additional game elements and manage characters would seem natural. By the end of the decade, it will be so pervasive that we won’t even recognise it as artificial intelligence.

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