How to Decide When and Where to Publish Content

How to Decide When and Where to Publish Content

Do you know what sets a good blogger apart from a great blogger? The answer is that a great blogger knows when and where to post their content. Most of these experts know which pieces of content should go up right away and which ones should wait.

Even if the content on a blogger’s site is great, that doesn’t mean that the owner should post it on every site online. Where Can You Publish Content?

Once you’ve made the content you want to share with your customers, here are some great places to put it:

Your Own Website

Consider your site to be your most important platform. Make sure you add to and improve it every day, or at least every week. When you use keywords in the right way, creating blogs can help your search engine optimization (SEO). Also, when you write long-form content.

When you add content to your website, you’ll be able to add important calls to action that could boost your conversions and bring in new leads.

Authoritative Platforms

Your clients will see that you are an expert in your field if you post your content on authoritative sites. Most important, it lets you reach more people. When you post on websites like LinkedIn, Huffpost, or Medium, you not only tell people about a topic, but you also show that you know what you’re talking about by putting your content on a trusted site.

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Niche Sites

Meanwhile, guest blogging on niche sites is a great way to show that you are an expert on a variety of topics. But to do this, you’ll need to find the right platforms with the right audience. You can find possible sites by doing a keyword search with terms from your market and adding “guest blogger” or “guest post” to the end.

The result will give you a list of publications or websites in that industry that are most likely to accept guest writers. Or, if you’re in the pharmaceutical marketing business, you can hire professionals to do the research for you in addition to doing your own.

When Can You Publish Content?

Now that you know where the best places are to post your content, you need to figure out when to post it.


When making a plan for your content, it’s best to be realistic about how often you’ll post. The best plan is to post three to ten blogs per day, but if you can only afford to post one to two blogs per week, make sure you do it every week. Remember that it’s important to keep a steady pace because your audience can lose interest quickly.


Beginner bloggers can post once a week, but they can also post once a day. By posting content every day, you can build a following and gain momentum. You can always hire an agency or a freelancer to write well-written content for you if you need help making good content.

It’s also a chance to improve your SEO since Google raises the rankings of articles it had previously marked as old. Still, you should always remember that quality is more important than quantity. If you can do both, that’s great, but if you can’t, it’s best to put value first.


Know that you can post some blogs on your own website, but others are better as guest posts on other social media or authoritative sites. It can be hard to come up with good content and keep moving forward at the same time.

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