Effective Ways To Start Your Reliable On-Demand Multi-Service Business With Gojek Clone

Gojek Clone

Launch Custom Gojek like App and take a stride towards building your Online Multi-Services Business on a Big Mark. With such a Smart App you have the Benefit of Reaching a Large Base of Customers (App Users), and Offering the Highest Number of On-Demand Services in a Single Frame.

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Adorn the Profit-Centric Business Models of the On-Demand Multi Services App

Commissions Per Order/Service

The Admin gets to earn a certain Percentage of the Earnings for every sole Service Delivered or Order Placed via this Modern App as Commission from the Service Provider. The right to decide the Commission Right lies solely with the App Owner. But, the Commission Rates decided by the Admin may not be the same for every Service; rather it could differ based on the Type of Service Offered.

Subscription Plans

Herein, the Admin is the one to Design and Curate various Subscription Plans which all have separate Validity Periods. The Service Provider checks one’ Business Budget and Other Requirements, and accordingly selects the Most-Suitable Subscription Plan. Now, the Service Provider stands liable to make a One-Time Payment to the App Owner against the Selected Subscription Plan to enjoy its Perks and Benefits.

The App Owner enters the Admin Panel of the Modern App and sends Automated In-App Push Notifications for Plan Renewal Reminders to the Service Providers. The Admin also determines the Number of Days before the Subscription Expiry Date that the Service Provider starts receiving such Reminder Notifications.

This Aspect thereby allows the Service Provider a passage of time to decide upon whether to go with an Upgraded Subscription Plan or stick with the Existing Plan only, and opt for Renewal.

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Start By Offering Incremental Services and Advanced Features to Your App Users

Holistic Parcel Delivery

With this Powerful Gojek like App the Users get the Ability to get any Parcels delivered from their Place to Single as well as Numerous Locations. One can send Small Parcels of High Value, and Big Parcels with Heavy Weight. The App Users have the option to make the Payment with Credit Card or Cash.

Professional Personal Shopper

With the Delivery Runner Service your App Users can easily get anything Picked-Up and dropped anywhere. For instance, one of your App Users has forgotten the iPad at Home. Here, one can Hire a Delivery Runner, who will go to one’ Home, Pick-Up the iPad, and Deliver at the Place where it is required.

Risk-Free Food Delivery

This Productive App has made it completely safe to get the Food Delivered Home. How? Well, the App displays the Kitchen Images provided by the Restaurants as a Proof that the Food Preparation is done at a Hygienic Place. Moreover, one can also Opt for Online Payment and opt for Contactless Delivery of Food that’s completely Safe to consume.

Swift Delivery of Medicine

Now, your App Users don’t have to wait in Queues for getting Medicines or even better they don’t have to move out of their Homes. Using this All in One Services App, the App User can swiftly Order Medicines Online. They just have to select the Required Medicines and Upload their Prescription, followed by making the Final Payment for it.

Get Beauty & Salon at Ease

Give your App Users all the Beauty and Salon Services from the Comfort of their Home. Yes! One can book the Most Suitable Beauty Expert who would come at Home and provide the Required Beauty Services such as Facial, Manicure, Haircut, and Nail Art. The App User can also select a specific Date and Time when they want the Service.


The Gojek Clone is your Route to successfully establish your On-Demand Multi-Service Business! Get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute. But see to it that you reach an Authentic White-Labelling Firm by keeping in mind the below Points –

  • Such a Firm would display the Client Video Testimonials on their Official Website.
  • An Authentic White-Labelling Firm would have at least a Decade’ worth Experience in Launching Gojek Like Apps, and that too on a Regular Daily Basis.
  • It would provide you with Free Demo Apps for Trials so that you can Test-Drive and Browse it for as long as you want until you are sure that it is the Perfect App you were looking for.
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