7 Features of Google Maps that You did not Know

Features of Google Maps

Google Maps has a multitude of features that help improve the experience of moving from one place to another.

Among them, some stand out, such as indicating the state of traffic, the number of radars on a route or the cases of COVID-19 in that region.

Google Maps has a multitude of functions that help improve the experience of moving from one place to another, both those focused on saving time and others focused on accessing information related to the destination in a simple way.

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The platform of the technology based on maps has much more utilities than that of indicating the route between 2 points. Among them are some as relevant as pointing out the state of traffic or the radars that are on the road.

In addition, Google has added other functionalities directly related to current events, such as information related to COVID-19 cases in a region.

On the other hand, in relation to the collaborative part of the application, users also have the opportunity to add sites that they know, but are not represented, to help other people find them more easily.

Below, you will find these and other Google Maps features that can help you on a day-to-day basis.

1. Know the traffic status

This option is probably one of the best known of the platform focused on Google maps.

It is the tool that allows you to know the current traffic status of the streets around you, which helps you choose alternative routes in case of collapse.

To do this, you just have to open the application, access the layer menu and select the option that shows the occupation of the streets. After that, the map will be transformed into lines of different colors with which to know which streets are more saturated than others.

2. Access information about COVID

Closely related to the previous one, there is also the possibility in Google Maps to access information related to the coronavirus.

To do this, you must open the layers menu, click on More and mark the one related to COVID-19. If you zoom out, the map will show you the incidence of cases by region.

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3. Download offline maps

Google Maps also allows you to download maps for offline use,something that will be especially relevant in case you travel to places offline.

To access this tool, simply click on your username (top right) and slide to the Offline Maps option.

There will appear all the ones you have saved, to which you can add new ones by clicking on Select your own map and determining the region that interests you.

4. Save parking

This tool, one of the most useful on the platform, is unknown to a large part of the users.
And it is that Google Maps allows you to save the exact point where you have parked the car in the application,something very interesting if you are one of those who usually go around until you find your vehicle.

To do this, you just have to press the blue button that marks your current location and you will be displayed options, including Save location of the parked car.

In addition, you can change it manually or write notes on it,a very useful option in case you have left it in a parking lot and want to know the exact place.

5. Add a missing site

This platform also allows you to add sites that you know about, but are not represented on the map.

Thus, you just have to click on the street where the establishment you want to incorporate is and, on the address, a menu will appear that, at the bottom, contains the option Add a missing site.

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6. It warns you of the radars that are on a route

Google Maps also offers you the possibility to show you the radars that are on a route, both when planning it and directly on the road.

These elements are displayed in a color code and, if you click on them, you will be able to know how long ago their presence was confirmed. In addition, you can also add them yourself, by clicking on the new button during Navigation Mode and selecting the Mobile Radar option.

7. Control Spotify or other music apps while browsing

Another option offered by Google Maps is to be able to control applications such as Spotify or Apple Music directly from its platform.

To do this, you must enter the settings of the tool, select Navigation Settings and activate Show media playback controls. Then, you must choose the service you want and grant them the necessary permissions to access your profile.

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