The Trendiest Baby Names for Girl and Boy 2021 from A to Z

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In addition to checking out the lists of the most common baby name ideas for 2021, some parents want to begin with a certain alphabet letter. If that is you, this A to Z list of Baby Center baby names — one of the world’s leading tools to forecast and name baby names year after year — will guide you in the right direction for both girls and boys by showing which baby names can become the trend for each letter in the alphabet.

Trendiest Baby Names A-Z

These A-Z baby names are climbing charts fastest and are expected to be among the most common, fashionable baby names for children born in 2021, according to BabyCenter’s experts in baby naming.

If you choose to choose all of your children’s names first with the same letter or call your child by someone extraordinary, you should pick the best monicker for your newborn, so you know which A-Z baby names are the most trendy in 2021.

Trendiest A-Z Boy Baby Names for 2021

A few of the hottest boy baby-naming trends for 2021 are nicknames as first names (hello Frankie, Izzy, and Vinny), using city-inspired names (like Easton and Phoenix) and monikers taken from pop culture (such as Archie, Keanu, and Remy), according to BabyCenter’s baby name data.

1. Archie
2. Bentley
3. Caden
4. Duke
5. Easton
6. Frankie
7. Grayson
8. Hudson
9. Izzy
10. Jayce
11. Keanu
12. Lincoln
13. Maverick
14. Nolan
15. Oliver
16. Phoenix
17. Quincy
18. Remy
19. Sawyer
20. Tony
21. Umar
22. Vinny
23. Wyatt
24. Xander
25. Yousef
26. Zion

Trendiest A-Z Girl Baby Names for 2020

According to decades-worth of BabyCenter’s naming trend data, color-inspired names (like Navy, Scarlett, and Violet), nature-themed monikers (such as Juniper and Luna), names from the roaring ’20s that are making a comeback (like Barbara and Ruth) and non-binary names (think Frankie, Grey, and Harper) are quickly gaining popularity for 2020.

1. Aaliyah

2. Barbara

3. Cassie

4. Dee

5. Emery

6. Frankie

7. Grey

8. Harper

9. Isla

10. Juniper

11. Kinsley

12. Luna

13. Makayla

14. Navy

15. Octavia

16. Paisley

17. Quinn

18. Ruth

19. Scarlett

20. Toni

21. Una

22. Violet

23. Willow

24. Xyla

25. Yoshi

26. Zuri

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