The 15 Failure Phrases that will Help you Get up

Failure Phrases

“Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

The failure: “that” everyone lives, but rarely taught to face. That which is an indissoluble part of life, the yang whose yin is a success. That is why we will inevitably go through and we will have to learn to cope.

What is a failure and how can we make the best of it? Let the great thinkers, authors, entrepreneurs, and leaders of history explain what their concept of failure is (and why it is important to approach it with philosophy). Write them down in that notebook that you carry everywhere and read in case of emergency:

1. “I have not failed. I have simply found 10,000 roads that do not work.” Thomas A. Edison, businessman, and inventor.

2. “I can accept failure, we all fail. But I cannot accept not trying something.” Michael Jordan, former basketball player.

3. “It is impossible to live without failing unless we live so cautiously that we do not live at all. And, in that case, we have failed by default.” JK Rowling, writer and film producer.

4. “If you are not failing from time to time, it is a sign that you are not doing something truly innovative.” Woody Allen, Oscar-winning director.

5. “Failure is the seasoning that flavors success .” Truman Capote, journalist, and writer.

6. “You rise from failure. You use it as a building stone. Close the door to the past. Do not try to forget your mistakes, but do not lose yourself in them. Do not let them steal your energy, your time or your space”. Johnny Cash, singer-songwriter and actor. 

7. “I don’t want fear of failure to stop me from trying to do the things that really matter to me .” Emma Watson, actress.

8. “Do not fear perfection: you will never achieve it.” Salvador Dalí, surrealist painter.

9. “Never mistake a battle for a final defeat.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, novelist.

10. “Winners are not afraid of losing. Losers are. Stumbling is part of the process of achieving success. People who avoid failure also avoid excelling.” Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

11. “I can’t tell you what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to make everyone like you.” Ed Sheeran, singer-songwriter and musician.

12. “There is always something good in any apparent failure. You may not see it now, but it will reveal itself in time. Be patient.” Sivananda Saraswati, Hindu spiritual teacher, and guru.

13. “Success is staggering from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill, politician, and statesman.

14. “Failure fortifies the strong.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, writer and aviator.

15. “Try again. Fail again. Fail better .” Samuel Beckett, playwright, novelist, and poet.

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