Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s First And Only Love

The couple were married for 73 years, the longest-running marriage of British royalty.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth

With all the pain in her heart, Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom confirmed this Friday the death of her beloved husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The news went around the world in a matter of minutes after the Monarch shared the sad news through a statement from Buckingham Palace.

A love story that comes to an end after 73 years as husband and wife, of overcoming ups and downs of all kinds, and that began when a young Elizabeth was struck by the handsome blond young man from whom she would no longer separate until today.

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They confirm the sad news

“It is with deep regret Her Majesty the Queen announces the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle. More announcements will be made in due course ”, were the words with which the whole world learned this Friday, April 9, about the death of Queen Elizabeth’s husband.

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A crush at an early age

Queen Elizabeth and her husband met when she was only eight years old and he was 13. They both coincided at the wedding of his cousin, Marina de Grecia, and her uncle, Prince George. the Dukes of Kent, George, and Marina. However, the true love story began five years later.

In July 1939, the two met at the Naval Academy in Dartmouth, England. The then Prince of Greece and Denmark studied there and it was thanks to his demeanor and good humor that he attracted the attention of the eldest daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I, then affectionately known as Lilibet.

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Distance love

The boys, both descendants of Queen Victoria, began to exchange letters that, although at first, they were not with romantic intentions, helped their love to be born.

Philip counted on the help of his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, to keep the union between the young man and the king’s daughter in touch. At the end of World War II, the couple met again to formalize their courtship.

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Enchanted with him

In 1946, Felipe finally visited the Balmoral home of the Royal Family, where Isabel’s parents would get to know the boy who had stolen her heart more closely. Although her style was not to the complete liking of the kings, the young princess was delighted with that tall, blond young man with a great sense of humor who did not stop making her laugh with his jokes or who kept her immersed in his anecdotes.

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The love of his life

Without hesitation, Isabel knew that she had found the man she wanted to go down the aisle with and secretly got engaged to him. And although his father did not fully approve of the union, in the end, the request of the heir to the throne was granted.

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A royal wedding

On November 20, 1947, Westminster Abbey in London received 2,000 guests to celebrate the union of Elizabeth and Philip. The wedding was the first royal wedding after World War II, an event that meant a great party for the citizens.

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The Duke’s wife

From the beginning of their marriage, Felipe knew that he should stand behind his wife for the position she would one day hold on the throne. He, who had renounced his titles for love, found some peace when in 1949 he was appointed Second Commander of the Navy in Malta. The couple was happy and Isabel enjoyed their marriage as the wife of an officer and without the worries of the throne.

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The Queen’s husband

Isabel became Queen in 1952, after the death of her father. At just 25 years old, the young woman took over her new role, and had the support of her husband in every step she took, encouraging her to assume the position she has held for almost 70 years.

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The couple’s children

During their marriage, the couple formed a family with their four children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

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Rumors in your marriage

Like any couple, the relationship between the Queen and the Duke had ups and downs. Among the most mentioned were the alleged infidelities on his part. However, love was stronger and Felipe remained by his wife’s side despite speculation and time.

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