Nail Styles 2021: The Most Creative Trends

Nails 2021

Discover the new era of nail art: in 3D, extra large and in the craziest drawings you can imagine!

We share the top manicure list that you will want to try from here until the end of the year! The most creative trends for your 2021 style nails, they come in different colors, sizes and designs that will blow your mind.

This year, people have gotten much more creative and have surprised us with completely amazing new nail styles, forget about the traditional way of doing your nails and try these different ideas that will make you have the trendiest hands of all!


That’s how it is! Nails in third dimension are a reality. This new proposal promises to become the hit of the year, it is for the risky and those who are not afraid to experiment and have fun when it comes to getting ready.


Happy faces

The happy faces return to be the protagonist. What better way to put us in a good mood , than to bring our nails happy and smiling at others!


Cow print

The cow effect is a must-wear that you must try! Animal print has always been a staple in our looks, but it’s time for cow print to dazzle us and dominate nail art.



We have already mentioned that pastel colors are a trend on our nails this season , but don’t miss the opportunity to give it your own creative touch! Opt to scribble in this shade, without having to fill in the entire nail.



Surely you have already dressed all your favorite celebs with this type of manicure, whether you prefer in gradients, matte or shiny tones: this trend is ideal to feel empowered and seductive at all times.

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