How to Get 100,000 Visitors Monthly With Top List Articles

Want to drive traffic to your website? Here is a guide to finding the right keywords, creating great content, and reaching your audience.

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Increasing website traffic is one of the simplest things on the planet for me. All you have to do is provide folks a solution to their problem, and they will come, read it, and tell their friends about it! It is very useful to do this with top list articles.

I’ve written over 100 ‘top list’ pieces that have been watched by millions of people. They’re so popular and well-received that they’ve been featured on Reddit’s homepage, the New York Times, Yahoo News, and one even became a Twitter Trending Topic! The best part is that I can have these types of posts generated for as little as $25. Allow me to demonstrate.

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Why Creating Lists Will Significantly Increase Your Traffic

Consider what you are typing in when you use Google. For example, suppose you are seeking for a cure for a health problem. For instance, you might type in Cure Acid Reflux. That is a broad search word. To begin with, you’d be shocked how many individuals don’t name their articles after what people are searching for on Google. This completely boggles my mind. Why are you naming your essay something fancy and using words that most people don’t use only to make yourself look smart? Nobody types that into Google, thus you shouldn’t name your posts that.

I’ll admit it: I’m not an SEO guru. However, I receive over 200,000 visitors each month from Google alone, so it’s a significant thing for me.

Here’s what I think: Google favors sites that are naturally awesome. Forget about buying connections and social likes. Imagine if your postings are so interesting that people spend hours on your site and love to share your content. That is what GOOGLE desires! Because they are in the content industry, they have great material. Their objective is to give users with the finest possible material and choices; if yours isn’t, you won’t rank as well.

Back to my health post, I will call it :

10 Ways To Cure Acid Reflux

I read somewhere that odd numbers perform better for open rates and marketing, so I frequently replace the 10 with 7, 11, 13, 17, or any other odd number that looks good. Before I even start writing the post, I’ll decide how many I want. Of course, it can alter while I’m writing the post.

You don’t want to title your article something like:

Certain Ways to Get Rid of Acid Reflux

Every month or two, I’m sure someone will search in Eradicate Acid Reflux, but Surefire Ways? Not at all!

Do you believe this is an extreme example? No way, this is a good example.

1. Name Your Posts Something People Search For!

Here are some examples of top lists:

  • For starters, they are rather lengthy, so people tend to read them for quite some time.
  • For example, our Cure Acid Reflux post has seven cures, therefore we have seven headlines with each option. As a result, folks can rapidly conclude YES, there’s something here I’m willing to do, so I’ll read it all. I believe that many articles fail because individuals are unwilling to devote time to reading a page if they do not believe it will benefit them.
  • The title describes exactly what you will receive, so you know what you are getting into.
  • People are aware of what they are about to get when it is shared on social media.
  • People will frequently repost and share blog pieces based just on the title, regardless of whether the article is good or not.

Step 1. To Dominating Any Industry

Post a vast number of fantastic articles. That’s what I do; I appear in dozens of industries and simply repeat the same top list posts in other industries. Here are a few examples:

Blogging/Make Money Industry

  • Top 30 Most Influential People In Blogger
  • 10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be a Internet Entrepreneur
  • 10 Christmas Gifts For Entrepreneurs
  • 17 Tips To Cure Bloggers Block
  • 20 Bloggers To Follow on Facebook

Blogging For The Health Industry

  • Top 30 Most Influential People in Natural Health
  • 10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be Healthy
  • 10 Christmas Gifts for Super Healthy People
  • 17 Tips To Cure Acid Reflux
  • 20 Health Experts To Follow on Facebook

Blogging For The Photography Niche

  • Top 30 Most Influential People In Photography
  • 10 Reasons Why It Rocks To be a Photographer
  • 10 Christmas Gifts For Photographers
  • 17 Tips To Fix Bad Photos
  • 20 Photographers To Follow on Facebook

Young Entrepreneur Industry

  • Top 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs
  • 10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be a Young Entrepreneur
  • 10 Christmas Gifts For Young Entrepreneurs
  • 17 Tips To Stop People Treating You Different Because Of Your Age
  • 20 Young Entrepreneurs To Follow On Facebook

See how simple it is?

It doesn’t end there. Each post can be done in a variety of ways. As an example:

10 Reasons Why Being a Photographer Is Awesome… You could turn this around and do 10 Reasons Why It Sucks…

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Do you want to create a successful blog that becomes an authority in its niche?

Then Authority Site training is for you.


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Do you want to create a successful blog that becomes an authority in its niche?

Discover the content of this type:

  • The easiest way to brand and build your site like the professionals
  • A game-changing method for creating content at scale
  • Real, scalable white hat link building tactics that work today
  • A step-by-step way to find profitable niches (includes a special ‘done for you’ list)
  • A simple, yet little-known way to plan your site and find untapped keywords

2. Turn One Top List Into a Series of Top Lists

How about doing that with every social network:

  • 20 Bloggers To Follow on Twitter
  • 20 Bloggers To Follow on Youtube
  • 20 Bloggers To Follow on Pinterest
  • 20 Bloggers To Follow on Google+

Instead of doing a post such as “20 Ways To Improve Your Website” – you could split it into a series and niche each one down, so for example:

  • 10 Ways To Improve Your Websites Blog Layout
  • 10 Ways To Improve your Websites Conversion Rate
  • 10 Ways To Improve Your Websites Load Time
  • 10 Ways To Improve Your Websites Usability

Step 2. Getting Articles Created (30 at a time)

So, in order to have a lot of success with our blogs, we need to provide a lot of content… while doing almost no actual effort. This is significant because, as business owners, we cannot do everything ourselves, therefore we must outsource what others can accomplish for us.

The best part about top list articles is that they are essentially just research. They can be written by almost anyone. The first item I ever outsourced was in 2009, and it has since received over 1,000,000 visitors. I only had to hire someone and pay them $50. I still get thousands of visitors to my website every month as a result of that blog post. So, instead of focusing on how much traffic you will get today from a post, consider how much traffic you can acquire in the future.

Fiverr is now one of the simplest sites to hire a writer. They have a large pool of authors and can have your piece produced in less than 24 hours. If you want to put this method to the test, go here to pay someone to write your articles for you!

3. Be Specific With What You Want

If you want fantastic articles, you must provide excellent guidelines. I always include instructions when I hire someone so they know what I anticipate from them. I send them the following:

Guidelines For Writing Awesome Articles For My Website

The vast majority of people who write for us go on to write many more. To ensure that your post is well received and accepted, please follow my article outline and standards. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of your article.

All posts should be thoroughly researched.

If the article is numbered, please number it 1. 2. 3. etc (not #1 #2 #3 or 1 – 2 – 3 -)

If the title is broad, such as 50 Places to Visit in the 50 States of America, please provide a wide range of options. So, instead of making all 50 places landmarks, divide them up so there is variation, such as Landmarks, Famous Restaurants, Bars, Theme Parks, Extreme Things To Do, and so on.

Be consistent in how you build out your content; for example, I’ve seen post titles written with the attraction first, followed by the location. Then there will be one or two titles that do not have a place. Each title must follow the same format.

Below is an example of how I like articles to be laid out:


Introduction to post. (This needs to be informative and make them want to carry on reading.)

Subheadline, in h2 tags. <h2>Your Subheadline</h2>

<h3>Item 1</h3>


Information why you should do what this title suggestions.

<h3>Item 2</h3>


And continue.

[There should be one line between each element.]


As you can see in the final section of this essay, I walk authors through exactly what I want them to do. Giving them examples of writers who have already followed our standards is also a good idea. This is critical to the success of article writing outsourcing. That concludes our top list strategy. It works for us and for thousands of other IncomeDiary readers, so why not give it a shot?

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