How to Double Your Followers on Social Networks

Your goal should be to conquer someone who adds value so that they really have an impact on your brand. With these five tips you can get it.

Increase Social Media Followers

If you have a well-thought-out, comprehensive social media marketing strategy, there are many advantages to growing your fan base. But beware: the one who interacts with your brand and is familiar with it is much more valuable than the one who follows you on impulse. Therefore, your goal should be to conquer someone who adds value so that they really have an impact on your brand. With these five tips you can get it.

1. Post quality content

In other words, original material, practical and easy to share. If it also has emotional relevance for your audience, it will be a plus. Producing this type of information and making it known in a consistent way will make your fan base (both new and those who already follow you) stay with you, increase their loyalty and interaction with your brand and share you with their friends and other followers. This is how you can differentiate yourself in the competitive social media market.

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2. Interact with your target audience

They are called social networks for a reason: people are open to communication within these channels. Don’t be afraid to reach out to new individuals who aren’t following your brand yet, especially if they’re already engaging in a public conversation. The recommendation is that you use your personal profiles as an extension of the corporate brand to make that first contact; This will make you look more friendly and accessible to those who do not know you.

3. Participate in conversations

They happen around you on any of the social networks that exist and many may be relevant to the market niche you are targeting. Look for these conversations using social listening software to monitor what the audience is saying about you (such as HootsuiteTweetReach and Social Mention) or by following brands and characters key to your industry. By sincerely contributing your own ideas and opinions, you will demonstrate leadership and increase your brand’s visibility to new audiences.

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4. Work with influencers

These social media users with tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of followers and great reputations are a gateway to new audiences. Plan content collaborations, interviews, exchanges, or conversations with them. This way, both audiences will intersect and you will have a better reputation for being associated with a respected influencer . Make sure you maintain these relationships for the long term.

5. Reward your followers

There are several options to reward them, there is no wrong way to do it. Any ideas? You can, for example, sponsor a giveaway or distribute premium content for free; Even making sure you respond to every tweet or comment you receive will make your followers feel appreciated.

Remember, your priority should be: get quality followers, not quantity. Emphasize more subtle interactions such as “likes”, comments, internal traffic, and of course conversations within your site. Only then, your volume of followers will have value for your brand.


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