How to create a store on Instagram? 7 step guide

With a function of the social network you can generate labels that lead your customers to purchase products and here we tell you how to sell on Instagram.

create a store on Instagram

Do you want to start or place a digital store for your business? We know that the COVID-19 pandemicaccelerated the digital migration of small, medium and large companies and that social networks became the best allies for brands to remain in the collective imagination of both frequent and potential customers.

These digital platforms can also become a source of income and if you are an SME or if you are thinking of starting to offer a product, you should not rule out selling through them. In this context, we will tell you how to open a store on Instagram , step by step:

1. The first thing you should do is verify that your company meets the following requirements

2. Convert your account into a business or creator account

  • Go to settings> switch to professional account.
  • Later, two options will appear: “for creators”, aimed at public figures; and “for businesses”, ideal for local shops and businesses.
  • If you choose the profile for companies, you will be able to add your line of business, contact information and you will have the possibility to create promotions and collect information from your users, useful for market analysis.

3. If you have a Facebook page, it’s time to link them

  •  Go to your Instagram profile for companies.
  • Click on “edit profile”
  • In the “public company information” section, click on “page”.
  • Choose the Facebook page with which you want to link your account.

Note: this only works if you are an administrator of the Facebook page you want to link, if you are not you will have to ask for the necessary permissions.

4. Place your product catalog

For your customers to be able to buy from you on the social network, it is necessary to have a product catalog. And you can do this in two ways:

5. It’s time to submit your account for review

Once you have linked your product catalog, perform the following steps to submit your account for review:

  • Go to your Instagram business profile and tap on the hamburger icon.
  • Click on “settings”.
  • Sign up for the option to use “shopping on Instagram” and follow the steps that they ask you to do.
  • Once you have completed your request, you will be able to access “purchases” in “settings” so that you can check its status.

Note: some companies may receive a notification asking for more information in order to verify that they own a web domain.

6. Start the shopping functions

Once your account is approved, you can perform this action.

  • Once again, go to the hamburger menu of your business account.
  • Click on “settings”.
  • Press “company” and then “purchases”.
  • Choose the product catalog that you want to connect with your account.
  • Click on “done.”

7. It’s time to label products

Congratulations! You have already activated “Shopping on Instagram”, now you can highlight products in your publications. To do this, you must upload content as we normally do, but following these steps:


  • Click on “add photo.”
  • Add a caption.
  • Click on “tag products.”
  • Touch the product you want to highlight in the image.
  • Look for it in your catalog and select it.
  • Click on “done” and then on “share.”


  • Click on the sticker icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Select the product sticker in the sticker tray.
  • Choose the product in your catalog.
  • Move the sticker and place it where you want in your story and share it.


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