How to Build a Self-Care Routine You Can Feel Good About?

Covid has influenced a number of things in our lives, including our personal hygiene and beauty habits. We can, on the other hand, embrace and welcome healthy change.

Self-Care routine

During Covid, most of us had to make some substantial personal care and hygiene “adjustments.” I stopped using cosmetics on a daily basis. I didn’t even apply deodorant on many days (don’t worry, I still do if I’m meeting someone outside of my immediate family, but I’ve converted to a natural brand). My spouse shaved his head to look like Ragnar Lothbrok. Our teenagers, too, were notably less showered (and this is coming from a low starting point). If you missed the celebrity swimming “controversy,” you must have been living in a cave.

While some items have slid through the cracks, much of the rethinking of our routines has been beneficial and long-lasting. Many of us have reduced the number of steps in our daily routines, which is a good thing. We also have the unique option to reconsider which goods we use, preferably selecting for clean, non-toxic cosmetics and personal-care items.

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Take this opportunity to learn more about what you’re putting in and on your body. Start reading the labels on the things you’re using; you might be surprised by what you find (90 percent of haircare products on the market still contain either sulfates, parabens or phthalates). EWG’s list of 12 harmful cosmetic components will help you figure out what’s in your beauty products.

Here are some of our suggestions for keeping some of the more basic things that work for us but also stepping it up a level so we don’t feel like complete neanderthals. It’s all about finding a happy balance that works for you and is long-term sustainable.

1. Get back to the roots of indulgence.

Focus on clean, high-performing skincare and haircare products that will make you feel like you’re getting professional treatments at home. It’s amazing and much healthier to have bright skin that doesn’t require foundation or a lot of makeup. Furthermore, the correct haircare products will keep your hair hydrated, healthy, and manageable, which means you won’t have to shampoo as frequently. Search for shampoos that are free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

2. Look for products that can do multiple things.

This way, you can keep things basic without feeling like you’re scrimping. There are many fantastic skincare products that offer various advantages or address different concerns (so you don’t have to buy 40 items, as the average woman does, according to Good Housekeeping).

3. Get a hairstyle that is low-maintenance.

Shaggy bobs are all the rage right now. Mullets are the same way. Take the plunge and get that adorable pixie cut you’ve always wanted. It makes getting ready for Zoom so much easier, and you won’t have to use as much heat styling, which is bad for your hair.

4. Remember to look after yourself from the inside out

Collagen of high quality can help to strengthen your skin and hair from the inside out. If you need them, there are also some wonderful hair-growth pills, and staying on top of your vitamins and supplements to strengthen your immune system and energy is always a good idea. Be sure to have routine health checkups with your doctors as well. If you don’t have doctors yet, remember that a quick search for a term like “dentist near me lafayette la” will already pull up a list of professionals that you can check out.

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5. Have a restful night’s sleep

I now take sleep supplements on a regular basis, and they truly help me not only fall asleep, but also stay asleep, which tends to grow more difficult as you get older. If you’re lucky enough to reside in a place where it’s legal, there are several wonderful CBD and CBN alternatives, as well as THC hybrids.

6. There’s nothing wrong with concentrating on the minor details.

Don’t neglect the minor details that make you feel more put-together. My lip gloss is one of my favorites. I put some on even if I’m wearing a mask so I feel finished and my lips don’t feel exposed. So, whatever those finishing touches are for you, go ahead and do them.

7. Look for things that can be used by the entire family.

Once we all started using the same haircare products, it greatly reduced the amount of clutter in our shower (gender neutral and all about hydration of course). With skincare, it’s a little more difficult, but we’re gradually coming together on a body lotion and body wash that everyone enjoys.

8. If you enjoy a good aroma, invest in a high-end candle.

Simply seek for one that burns cleaner (beeswax). If you want to use perfume, be aware of phthalates, which can be disguised in some scents. Manufacturers are not required to disclose what is in their fragrance on the packaging due to labeling restrictions (although we do it on ours and many other bands are starting to as well).

We can still take care of ourselves as we acclimate to our new Covid reality (not to mention the countless climate-crisis challenges that surround us) — just in a more low-maintenance fashion. This is a wonderful thing: it’s time to get healthier and simplify a part of our lives so we can focus on what matters most.

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