Everything you need to know about the Twitch platform

What is Twitch

Broadcasting live via streaming is fashionable and many young people follow this activity, either to see how they play their favorite video game or to learn more about a certain topic. The Twitch platform is booming and through it, famous YouTubers and professional players play live while children and young people follow it at home.

Such is the success of this platform that it has become the main form of entertainment for children and young people in this country. In the following article, ViralKaboom will tell you more about the Twitch platform and whether it is really safe and advisable for children.

What is the Twitch?

Twitch is a platform belonging to the Amazon company that broadcasts streaming videos. It was created in 2011 to broadcast live games, although today it is used to broadcast all kinds of activities.

The way it works is very straightforward and simple . The young man creates an account and watches as experienced players play different video games. Interaction is essential on this platform since the young person can comment on what they want with other young people who are watching the said video. The most famous gamers in the world use this platform to show their skills in different video games such as Fortnite or FIFA.

Is the Twitch Safe for Children?

This platform has a series of moderators to enforce a series of rules related to the sexual sphere or inappropriate language. However, on this platform, there is no type of filter in relation to the appropriate age to watch certain video games.

In this way, any child can watch the video game that he pleases, even if it is not suitable due to the child’s age . It is advisable for parents to observe the chat activity their children are in for a few days and make sure that everything is correct. Another of the dangers of this platform has to do with donations and subscriptions. Sometimes in order to see exclusive content from their favorite gamer, the child has to donate a certain amount of money.

According to the regulations of this platform, those under 13 years of age cannot use Twitch. From the age of 13, the young person can use it as long as it is supervised by an adult. It is therefore the task of parents to prevent their child from using this platform until he is of the appropriate age.

Is Twitch Free?

Creating an account on Twitch is completely free, however, the child can spend money in three different ways:

  • Through a donation made with virtual currencies called bits. It is a way to see exclusive content and support the work of the gamer.
  • There are certain channels where the subscription is worth money. By subscribing the young person has certain advantages and avoids advertising.
  • The young person can also make the donations they want so that the gamer continues to show content.

Therefore, and as you have seen, you have to be very careful when the child or young person creates an account for Twitch. It is a platform that may have its advantages, but it also has many drawbacks. It may seem free, but as you have seen, there is the risk and danger that the child will make a significant financial outlay in order to see certain exclusive content from their favorite gamer. It is important to supervise parents and teach children to make responsible use of this platform.

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