Can Money Buy Love?

Love is not the same as a relationship or vice versa, and both love and money are only parts of that puzzle.


No, money doesn’t buy love, but it does buy the stability you need.  

First of all, we have to distinguish the terms, love is not the same as a relationship or vice versa, and both love and money are just parts of that puzzle.

And I know that this could be a hook to the liver for many romantics, knowing that love has never been and will never be enough to maintain a relationship in the long term, but within this highly commercial society, it was difficult for love relationships to escape. from the influence of money.

Contrary to what most people think, love is not a complex matter, it is a noble feeling that flows effortlessly, it is not necessary to fight for it, nor to make an effort, however, in relationships, there are many more variables; attachment, money, hobbies, customs, sexuality and even the degree of intelligence and culture, among many others. Undoubtedly, a subject with many edges, and those edges with many others, however, for the purposes of this article we will limit it only to the correlation that exists between money and love as a couple.

Some statistics suggest what many already intuited empirically, that what we spend on a first date influences whether there will be a sexual encounter that same night or not, what is spent on subsequent ones influences the creation of a lasting or failed courtship, what What has spent during the courtship influences the decision to agree to marry or not, and finally, having a stable and sufficient source of income will determine the success of the marriage in the future.

But let’s remember that money is still just a means, there is no reason to demonize or beatify it, only to know that if we understand and handle the finances that exist behind relationships well, our chances of finding a partner will improve, in the first place, and, second, to bring the relationship to fruition.

So being this way, here are the 10 tips of financial management as a couple.


Be honest about your financial situation before you get married and talk about your future goals.

Individual goals, life as a couple

Living as a couple does not mean that we have to abandon our personal goals, in fact, it would be a mistake since in the medium and long term it would generate frustration and dissatisfaction that in turn would damage the relationship.


You have to talk about your individual and common goals, it is important to see that these goals do not contradict each other, but on the contrary, they enhance each other.

I respect

Respect is fundamental, in reality, we should not understand the goal of the other, but respect and support it if it is in our power.


You have to do financial planning as a couple and also individually.

Each one of their commitments

Do not lend the line of credit to the couple as usual. This is very usual, however, sometimes one of the members can get hung up on debts, therefore, even when there is a lot of love, it is recommended that each person take charge of their obligations.


Learn personal finances, since a bad individual economic situation weakens the strength of the couple and damages the bonds of affection in addition to generating tension.


Have fun financially. It is necessary to allocate a percentage of the income to recreation, since if not, in the medium term they could get bored of living together.


Create an emergency fund. You have to be prepared for unexpected expenses or job loss so that the family’s financial situation does not suffer.


It is important to create a realistic and team budget. It also needs to be updated periodically as economic needs change.

You already know, if you apply this, Tin Tan’s will not apply to you:

“And who says I don’t love you? What happens is that you don’t suit me for my future.”

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