Advantages Of Free Preventative Care

Advantages Of Free Preventative Care

Recent research shows that few Americans get all the preventive health care recommended for them. Only 8% of the almost 2,800 people who participated in a study got all the services that could improve their health.

Visits For Preventive Care

Preventive care appointments are meant to help you avoid getting sick. Two essential parts of these appointments are looking at your current health and discussing ways to live a healthy life.

If you make an appointment for preventive care and then ask about a specific illness or condition while you’re there, your doctor may charge you for a visit. In case the doctor’s office is busy, you should try to schedule your annual checkup at least two months in advance.

Vaccines For Prevention

You can protect yourself from common illnesses by getting your shots on time. Most health insurance plans cover images for the flu, chickenpox, hepatitis A and B, MMR, HPV, DPT, polio, and other diseases.

Your doctor will tell you what vaccinations you should get based on your age and the risks you face.

Prenatal Examinations

Pregnant women can get many benefits, such as free prenatal exams and tests for sexually transmitted infections, anemia, and gestational diabetes.

Annual Physical For Women

Without a referral from their OBGYN or primary care doctor, women can make an appointment for a well-woman exam once a year. This is also called a wellness visit. During this visit, you can ask your doctor about your period, birth control, Pap tests, breast exams, or mammograms.

Benefits Of Reproductive Health

Most health insurance plans include benefits for reproductive health, such as free birth control, counseling, and tests for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV.

Benefits Of Cancer Prevention

The most effective way to treat cancer is to find it early. Cancer screenings allow people to find and stop cancer before it gets too bad.

Your primary care doctor may suggest one of the many preventive tests for skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

Advantages Of Heart Health

Free blood pressure and cholesterol checks, coverage for aspirin, and other benefits can help you keep your heart healthy.

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