8 Mistakes Newlyweds Make on Their Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is one of the most memorable trips you will make, enjoy it every minute and avoid making these mistakes that could make your time bitter.


Your honeymoon is one of the most memorable trips you will make, enjoy it every minute and avoid making these mistakes that could make your time bitter.

Honeymoon is the ideal time to disconnect from everything and everyone. By avoiding these mistakes, you can have a joyous and memorable journey.

1. Don’t disconnect from work

Currently couples are workaholics and cannot part with their professional work for a moment. Plan your honeymoon on a date in which none of them have important commitments and anticipate deliveries, leave the computers and if they use their smartphones, let it be only to share their happiness on social networks, enjoy that spilling honey is precious!

2. Go on a trip the immediate day of the wedding

Some couples go on their honeymoon immediately after the wedding. It is normal that after so many emotions they are exhausted and the only thing that will happen is that they will go to sleep and even bad at their destination. Plan your honeymoon to leave two days later or in the week of the big celebration to replenish batteries and enjoy this trip to the fullest.

3. Fighting over nonsense

Something always goes wrong on trips, take it easy and leave your moodiness and stress at home. Forget about the fights , they are starting a life as a couple, of teamwork. Better talk things over and that way everything will flow better.

4. Do not confirm reservations

Sometimes we make the mistake of not confirming hotel reservations, tourist attractions or airplanes. If you don’t have time or head to do it, ask your mom or a friend to check the confirmations a few days before leaving to enjoy her love and be your ally on this their first trip as spouses.

5. Not enjoying your sexuality fully

This trip is about the two of you and getting the most of your privacy. Fulfill your fantasies, enjoy each other, and most importantly, allow time and energy to live this part of your relationship.

If you’ve never done it with your husband, take it off! Maybe you are ashamed of your body or that he sees you without clothes. Remember that he chose you for who you are and not so much for how you look, enjoy the moment and put your nerves aside, they are about to consume his love!

6. Choose a destination that does not convince them

And where do we go? If your partner always dreamed of spending their first weekend married or married in one destination and you in a totally different one, give in a little, remember that now they are a team and make decisions together. The most important thing is that both of you reach a consensus in which you feel excited about your chosen venue .

7. Fill the agenda and do not leave time alone

If you decide to visit a destination that neither of you knows, you will surely be excited and want to take as much tour as you can and get to know every corner of the city. But they must also make space to live their romance to the fullest and not arrive so tired at the hotel that they no longer want to do anything.

8. Worrying too much about your makeup

What I do? If you are used to putting on makeup every day and do not want to go out to dinner, lunch or meet with a washed face, use long-lasting makeup and fix yourself with something simple, remember that less is more and men don’t like to wait while a woman puts pretty.

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