7 Best Bridal Makeup Options for Your Wedding

Bridal Makeup Options

It is important that you do the corresponding tests to avoid failures.

Bridal makeup is special. It is not just any day and we trust that you have that very much in mind.

Never admit that a cousin with a good disposition will do your makeup for your wedding. Always look for a professional. Ask her for examples of previous girlfriends she has worked with. Show him references of what you want, that will be of great help.

The most important thing is that you are yourself and see yourself as such. If you don’t style heavy eyes or red lips, avoid them! Sometimes, in an effort to be perfect, we end up looking like someone else. That is something that scares everyone, including the boyfriend.

Another factor to take into account is where your link will be. Makeup for the beach is not the same as for the city.

Also, look for durable and quality products to be applied to you. You don’t want buds to come out for your honeymoon or to have no traces of shadow in your eyes in the middle of the party.

Finally, entrust your closest lady with a touch-up kit. Or even better: hire the makeup artist to stay for at least the first three hours of the party.

Here are some examples of makeup we love.

Upper and lower lashes are covered by layers of mascara and grouped together to achieve a spider effect. If you are reluctant to wear false nails, and you have them thin, apply a layer of loose powder before putting on the mask. Lace dress and headdress with pins (Ceremony). White gold earrings with sapphires and ring (Bizzarro).

The ideal for a day wedding is to show off a fresh skin, with a moist and illuminated effect. You can use a cream or powder product to achieve this result, you just have to distribute it on the upper part of the cheekbones, on the inner corners of the eyes and on the bridge of the nose. Dress and comb (Ceremony). White gold and black zirconia necklace and earrings (Bizzarro). Engagement ring (Guvier).

Apply a line of eyeliner between your mobile and fixed eyelids, leaving a lighter shade just at the lash line. To make it look less harsh, blend it in with a thick bristle brush. Dress (Zara). Headdress of flowers (Sposa Bella). Earrings, necklace and engagement ring (Bizzarro).

Like when a girl pinches her cheeks, that tone that goes off immediately is divine. They are accompanied by the natural eyes, the skin with a touch of shine and the lips in strawberry color, giving a feeling of freshness. Embroidered mesh blouse (Massimo Dutti). Gold and pearl earrings and ring (Bizzarro).

Say goodbye to fine brows. The bow should look neat and the thickness should be thick, for a strong, wild and challenging look. Make up with a pencil or cream shadow and a special brush. Strapless dress (Bridal Atelier). Set of earrings and necklace (Guvier).

And for the night …

Metallic shades such as silver, gold or bronze are applied in different ways on the fixed and mobile eyelid of the eye, until moving to the lower one. The lacrimal area and the outer tip are the best ones to give a touch of light to your face. Asymmetric dress (Sposa Bella). Blue topaz earrings and diamond ring (Bizzarro).

If you want to spice up your face, this makeup is perfect. Color is predominant, the upper outline is lighter than the lower one, since the chromatic burst occurs in this area. Put white on the water line to give it more strength. Dress (Sposa Bella). Headdress of rhinestones pins (Ceremony). Earrings, necklace and ring (Guvier).

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