5 things you should do before going to sleep

going to sleep

Being effective as an entrepreneur has a lot to do with hard work, but smart work is even more important. Great entrepreneurs know that time is limited and valuable, so they need to make the most of every working hour.

There are many factors that contribute to working smart, but planning your sleep hours is among the top performance multipliers.

To maximize your time and efficiency, here are 5 essential and easy things you should do before going to bed that will help you transform your hours of the day into super productivity.

1. Look at the calendar

As the saying goes, “to fail to plan is to plan to fail.” By reviewing your calendar the night before, you’ll know what’s next in your day so you can be prepared and plan the best method to meet your goals. You will sleep better knowing that you have already planned your day and you will wake up knowing that you have already taken care of certain things to start well.

There is another saying: “If you don’t use your head, you will end up using your feet,” and that proverb greatly helps productivity. Come up with a strategy the night before on how to deal with tomorrow.

2. Pack your gym bag

It doesn’t matter if you are running down the street or if you are out walking your dog, have your clothes to do it and get dressed quickly when you wake up.

Setting this up is something that many entrepreneurs do to minimize the risk of skipping their exercise.

Just take a minute to choose your clothes, but it’s a great shortcut to make sure that you are exercising every morning. Taking charge of your health is important to your entrepreneurial lifestyle.

3. Turn off your phone

Sleep is crucial to having a healthy lifestyle. Once you’ve checked your calendar and know what to expect for the next day, put your phone on silent or turn it off to make sure it doesn’t ring and interrupt your REM cycle. Disturbances in your sleep will make you tired and decrease your performance.

To be highly productive, make sure to remove any obstacles from your sleep cycle. That email or text message can wait until tomorrow.

4. Write in a journal

Not the “dear diary” style. Keeping a journal is a practice that will help you process the day and make sense of all your thoughts. Keep your journal on your nightstand and each night take a few minutes to review the triumphs of your day and write down what you are grateful for.

Don’t make it a boring experience. Think of it as a nighttime meditation, with two minutes of reflection on the best things in your day, and writing them down will transform your thoughts as you sleep and wake up. It is part of a healthy lifestyle to appreciate all the great things of the day, keep the doors open, great conversations that happened.

No matter what was the most important, put it on the list and prepare your mind for a restful night.

5. Read a book

The last thing to contribute to your rest is to read a quality book. You can decide which one is for you, but doing it before you go to bed is the best way to make that final transition into sleep.

It will also help you stay away from bright lights and electronic things. (Do not read on your tablet or cell phone, light can affect your eyes and affect your sleep cycle).

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