3 Tips to Become an Industry Influencer

In this article we will discuss how anyone can become an industry influencer in their field and expand their clients or patients to heights they have never imagined before.


When we talk about ” influencers “, countless images come to mind, from dancers on TikTok to and outubers with brand sponsorships or Instagram accounts with many followers. These influencers are generally personalities who attract a following through their lifestyle, humor, or physical appearance, and because they dominated the industry first, it’s a challenge to see ourselves as potential influencers if we don’t have what they have. For one, building followers has always been considered a challenge, and if everyone could do it, they probably would.

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But there is an opportunity that a select few have focused on: to become influencers in your industry. And, unlike the flashy social media pages that have been deemed the “gold standard,” these industries go beyond “fashion” or “travel photography.” This can include industries such as cosmetic surgery, graphic design, wedding photography, or, in Glenn Vo’s case, the dental industry.

In this article we will discuss how anyone can become an industry influencer in their field and expand their clients or patients to heights they have never imagined before.

1. Determining your “genius triangle”

Although it may seem overwhelming to become an industry expert who seems to be oversaturated, you too have something to offer. To find this, Vo recommends using what he calls the “genius triangle.”

“The Genius Triangle contains three components that will help anyone find what their specialty is, even within broader industries,” says Vo. “These components point to your cool ability.”

The genius triangle contains your strengths, your passions, and the needs of the industry. Write down some things that you are good at in your industry. So your passion ensures that you are going to work for it.

You chose the industry you are in for a reason. Why? What drives you to put in the extra work and effort required to be a successful influencer? Finally, “industry needs” refers to the gap in the market where you have the opportunity to start something new. In Vo’s case, “I saw a need in the market for dentists to reduce their expenses, so I created a platform to help negotiate discounts and offers for dental professionals looking to reduce their overhead.”

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2. Build a reputation online

Once you’ve zeroed in on your unique genius, it’s time to start posting, whether it’s blogging, Facebook groups, and your social media pages, with one important consideration. “One of the biggest misconceptions about constant posting is that there will be attention or traction from the start,” explains Vo. Think of creating an online presence like creating a little breadcrumb trail. Building authority takes time. No matter how great the first blog post is, it won’t attract an audience the way you imagine. “

The top seven reasons you wouldn’t start getting some traction online are:

  • That you have no strategy;
  • You are not posting enough content;
  • You are mistaking “content” (with added value) for a sales pitch;
  • You don’t know your audience;
  • Your voice doesn’t seem so genuine;
  • You are not promoting what it does; or
  • Your audience is not optimized.

Vo says that ensuring you reach your audience through the avenues in which they tend to consume content is one of the simplest, but most overlooked, aspects of successful online marketing.

“Who is your target audience and where are they?” Vo recommends asking. “Using myself as an example, I found that the majority of dental professionals were on Facebook and in Facebook groups. Of course, this required a bit of research, and you have to take responsibility for researching where your audience is.”

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3. Continue to expand your influence online

Once the groundwork is in place, it’s simply a matter of continuing to expand the avenues by which you reach your audience. “It’s always about quantity over quality,” says Vo. “A few really well done posts or blogs are going to radically outnumber a lot of hastily done posts.”

As for the type of content you should create, simply search with the desire to help. “There is a careful balance in all the content,” adds Vo. “It cannot be a direct sales pitch, but you should also promote something. Seek to be useful to the reader and don’t be afraid to end the content with a call to action on how they can work with you or get more information, either through 1:1 coaching program, a program or a downloadable product. “

The reason to worry about becoming an influencer in your industry is because this is the way of the future. Consumers are searching online more than ever to verify the credibility of the professionals and business owners they are considering. The more impressive the trail of digital breadcrumbs you have, the more leads or customers will come to trust you.

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