10 Ideas to Order at Your Gift Table

Best Gift Guide

Make your new home more practical and make it easier for your guests to choose what to give you.

Making a guide of things that your husband and you will need to start their home is the most practical thing to facilitate the decision of your guests when choosing what to give you. We have a top 10 of basics to include in your gift list, which we recommend is in a department store so that they are not repeated and at the same time have accessible prices and items.

1. Blender

One of the basics for the kitchen, this appliance is of affordable price and surely more than one of your guests will fight this gift for the great utility they will give you in your home.

2. Bedding set

Something essential that couples often do not take into account when moving in together, as they usually sleep in double beds. Including a bedding set on your gift list will always be a good idea since it is something they will use on a daily basis.

3. Weekend trip

The best gifts in life are journeys through the incomparable experiences they leave behind. When a couple starts a life together, the most they want is to experience those things that places give. Give a weekend gift to a nearby place such as a spa, a wine tasting, a temazcal or something similar, rest assured that they will thank you for this second honeymoon.

4. Camera

The new couples that are part of the millennial generation treasure memories a lot, share them on social networks and receive likes and comments from their trips, giving a camera is giving away experiences that will be digitally captured to build a memory album.

5. Wine

A gift for the wedding night or their first Fridays at home, something that both the bride and groom will enjoy as well as whoever gives them to them because they will surely invite them to a double date to talk about the most romantic and fun moments of the wedding and honeymoon.

6. Crockery

Starting to build a home with all that this implies is expensive, giving a tableware for four is a very wise and appropriate gift for the happy couple.

7. Bath set

Do not forget to include a bathroom set that has towels, a mat, a curtain and even aromatic soaps, they will never hurt!

8. Painting

Do not forget to decorate your new love nest, giving the bride and groom a painting with a motive that you like or that combines with the concept of your home will always be in fashion.

9. Television

If you want to look more splendid as a guest, current couples value this gift very much because they can spend hours watching their favorite series, contemplate it if the couple are very close to you and you really want to give them a good gift.

10. Cookbook

Normally the meals will now be at home, alone or with guests, if you give a recipe book of the favorite type of the bride and groom they will thank you foreve.

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